What is the difference between a caterer and a personal chef?

A caterer is hired by a client to provide food, beverages and often decorating for special events. Events may include business meetings, weddings, conferences and dinner parties. Caterers are required to have a designated facility and kitchen licensed by the board of health and employ a staff ranging from a chef, kitchen workers, drivers and wait staff.

A Personal Chef is hired by a client to shop, prepare food, package and freeze meals in the client’s home. A Personal Chef may also provide in a client’s home, cocktail, bridal or baby shower parties, individual cooking lessons and cook for small dinner parties. All the preparation and cooking is done in the client’s home. There may be a time or event that they may hire an assistant.

Price coverage?

A detailed questionnaire is filled out by the client prior to our initial consultation. Menus are then chosen by the client with their needs and tastes in mind. On average, clients chose 3-4 main meals with sides and on occasion, some baking.

Services are $45 per hour plus the cost of groceries. Pantry staples and herbs and spices are included.

Cook dates are scheduled to meet the needs of the families. On average, clients are seen every other week with a typical cooking time of 4 to 4 1/2 hours.

Do I need to be home?

No. I will arrive at your home at a predetermined time with prior entry arrangements made. Please make sure your kitchen is clean and tidy. Pets and children will need to be kept out of the kitchen area to ensure there are no accidents and it also maintains health and food safety.
Also, please be aware that my liability insurance does not include pet care and I will therefore be unable to see your pet outside or feed it.

Do I need to leave out any cooking equipment?

Absolutely not! I will be bringing all the necessary equipment needed to complete the cooking day. I only require counter space, a stove, fridge, microwave, sink and access to your freezer with space to store your meals.

Can you prepare my meals at your home and deliver them?

Unfortunately, no. The Wellington County Health Department prohibits any food storage or preparation other than your own kitchen. Therefore, all the ingredients for your meals will be purchased on the chosen day and prepared fresh in your home.

Who uses a personal chef?

This service is for anyone looking to enjoy healthy, delicious meals without having to grocery shop and prepare meals or even clean up!
For small dinner or cocktail parties the clients may leisurely get ready and relax and enjoy their company without the rush and worry of shopping, preparing, serving and especially cleaning up.

A personal chef is ideal for the person who does not know how to cook and would like lessons on simple meal preparation and tips on grocery shopping.
If you are having friends over, why not have an interactive party and learn how to make appetizers, soups or a full course meal!

I like spicy foods but the rest of my family like bland -would this service work?

During the initial consultation and review of your questionnaire, I will plan, prepare and package your meals according to your tastes and nutritional needs. My goal is to get your family eating together and eating healthy!

Isn’t a personal chef expensive?

We all have busy lives, work, commuting, school, chores and extra curricular activities. Too many people are relying on take out, delivery and restaurant food. Studies are now proving that this way of life is contributing to obesity, heart disease and diabetes. According to Stats Canada, the average Canadian family is spending $668.00 a month on groceries. On average families in Ontario (2007) were spending $2112.00 annually at restaurants and $520.00 annually for snacks and beverages (Estimated to be 30% of the family food budget). On average families spend 1.9 hours each day cooking and cleaning up. Add this time to shopping, line ups, and parking and multiply this by 20 days (weekends not included) that is almost 40 hours a month! Is this extra time worth something to you?