For a Children’s Birthday Party up to six children, the fee is $300.00 for up to three hours. There is also a $30.00 travel/mileage charge for out of Guelph parties and a $30.00 charge for each additional child.

The party will include…..

  1. Aprons and kitchen gadget to take home
  2. Make individual homemade pizza or Taquitos/Fajitas and Guacamole
  3. Make Salad on a stick or Veggies and Dip or Caesar Salad
  4. Mocktails
  5. Decorate cupcakes or make ice cream sundaes or ice cream sandwiches
  6. An Ultimate Brownie Pizza or ‘spaghetti and meat balls cupcakes’ provided

Parents will provide the decorations, plates, cutlery etc and treat bags if desired.

There will be a $50.00 non refundable deposit made at the time of consultation and this will be applied to the final invoice.

If a venue other than the home is booked for the party, the parent is responsible for obtaining insurance for the event. Check with your insurance provider.